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Those who never hesitate

The VFR ( Veterans and First Responders ) provides First Responders, Veterans, Military service members, K9s and their families with the tools and support they require to allow them to thrive as individuals and as a family. 

Veterans & Military Service Members

The rate of suicide for military service members is rising, but when adjusted for age, active military cohorts are similar to that of the general population. However, the rate of increase is 1.5 times the general population. Alarmingly, the rates for Reserve and National Guard members are disproportionately higher than the general population, even when adjusting for age and sex.

In 2017, Veterans accounted for 13.5% of suicide deaths in the United States but they only constituted 7.9% of the overall population. From 2005 to 2017, there was a 6.1% increase in Veteran suicide death while the Veteran population decreased by 18.3%. An estimated 1 in 8 Veterans (12.5%) will have suicidal thoughts.

Conservative estimates for posttraumatic stress in Veterans are 15.6% of Operation Iraqi Freedom, Enduring Freedom, Desert Storm, and Vietnam Veterans. However, occurrence and reporting vary widely based on conflict era, age, and comorbidity factors such as homelessness and substance use disorder.

Law Enforcement Officers

Similar to other first responder and military populations, variance in behavioral health outcomes are extremely prevalent among law enforcement. And with the pressures that are placed on these heroes ever day, they constantly face the reality that they might not come home that night. But one thing is clear: with the right resources and programs we can ensure better outcomes for these men and women as well as the communities they serve. 


The amount of bravery and commitment that it takes to run into a burning building is something that few people possess. These men and women, however, do it daily – risking their lives so that others can survive some of the most devastating disasters in our communities. But despite the elevated stress levels that come with constant risk, few studies have been done on the trauma response of firefighters and emergency medical personnel. While the data is more minimal, the known factors of dealing with trauma in service certainly pertain to the experience of these individuals.

Military & Police K-9

K9 units have been used in civilian, law enforcement, and military applications for decades. Many who work with K9s in a variety of capacities understand that it is a tragic oversight that these selfless and loyal K9 soldiers, officers, rescuers, and partners are often overlooked by the communities they serve as well as the agencies and organizations that employ them. No human counterpart goes home with their partner, becomes part of the family, or is expected to give up their life for their partner, but K9s do this daily, often without any more recognition than any other fixed asset.